Video: One pro fisherman’s muskie line and leader rig

By on July 3, 2014
Muskie line and leader rig

Kip Vieth, a pro fisherman, recently put together a video demonstrating his technique for rigging a line to catch big musky on the fly, according to Orvis News. Vieth is owner of Wildwood Float Trips and often guides amateur anglers up and down midwestern rivers.

Vieth starts off by putting an angler’s loop into a 40-pound fluorocarbon fishing line, then adds a stretch of wire to the line. He switched to wire instead of 80-pound line for that section after losing two huge musky that broke free. Two double uni knots link the wire and line together and Vieth says the connection is strengthened because both knots run up against the other.

The last step is rigging up the fly. Vieth makes a granny knot in the end of the wire, then slips it through the hook eye. After twisting the fly and wire a few times, he pulls the end of the wire through the granny knot and pulls it taught. A few test tugs to make sure the knots along the setup are secure, and Vieth says it’s ready for fishing.

Top image: Kip Vieth works on his rig. (Credit: Wildwood Float Trips)

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