Ohio DNR: State walleye record could be topped this year

By on April 20, 2015
Lake Erie is expected to produce some record catches this year. (Credit: Sensor/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Fisheries biologists with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources say that the record for biggest walleye ever caught in the state’s waters could be broken this year, according to the Port Clinton News-Herald. That’s because walleye from the 2003 year class, one of the best classes of late, are thought to be nearing record lengths.

“There are trophies out there already,” said Chris Vandergoot, fisheries biologist supervisor at the Ohio DNR to the News-Herald. “There are a variety of sizes of fish out there.”

In addition to the big walleye out there, officials say that other Lake Erie fish species like yellow perch, largemouth, smallmouth and white bass are set to have healthy populations that will provide some great fishing this year.

Perch numbers are at the highest that Ohio DNR biologists have seen in 20 years, and they are noticing that perch have been found more in the lake’s Central Basin instead of its Western one in recent months. Largemouth and smallmouth are a mixed bag, scientists say, as they’ve seen catch rates for largemouth increase while those for smallies have held steady. White bass are mostly expected to be caught in rivers, like the Sandusky, but a nice target spot could be Lake Erie’s Central Basin, where the white bass hatch has gone up.

Top image: Lake Erie is expected to produce some record catches this year. (Credit: Sensor/CC BY-SA 3.0)

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