For Minn Kota’s new Ulterra trolling motor, automation is the word

By on August 7, 2014
Minn Kota Ulterra (Credit: Minn Kota)

No matter what type of fish you’re casting for, Minn Kota’s new Ulterra trolling motor will likely meet your needs. The whole system is packed full of features that set it apart from pretty much every other motor on the market.

All Ulterra motors, which will be available in fall 2014, include i-Pilot technology, which uses GPS to lock onto fishing spots, record and retrace paths, set cruise control and more. The motor comes with a remote control as well as a foot pedal.

“Everyone has their own style of fishing,” said Dave Maryanov, senior product manager at Minn Kota. “So fishermen can choose between the remote or the foot pedal to fit the way they fish.”

Maryanov prefers the remote control, but says the foot pedal is more ideal for fishermen who will be making repeated casts in the hunt for game fish like bass. People fishing in open water for species such as walleye, muskie or northern pike typically use the wireless remote.

Along with i-Pilot, which allows for automatic anchoring and boat control, the Ulterra comes with auto stow and deploy, and power trim. “This is the only trolling motor that has those features,” said Maryanov. “We designed it to simplify boat control and enhance the angler’s time on the water.”


Typical electric steering motors need to be stowed and deployed manually. This requires someone to go to the bow of the boat and physically pull the motor in. This can make for a safety hazard when waters get choppy, says Maryanov. But automating that process simplifies things and keeps fishermen safe. Power trim raises and lowers the Ulterra to optimal depth with the push of a button.

The team at Minn Kota put it through its paces to push trolling motor technology as far as they could. “We really punished the design to make sure all of it was sound,” said Maryanov. “We have a team of field staff who went out and did their best to break it, and we put it through countless hours of laboratory testing.” From there, adjustments and design changes were implemented as needed.

Maintenance concerns are minimal, and similar to those of other trolling motors, says Maryanov.

“With Ulterra on your boat, all of the trolling motor functions are automated,” said Maryanov. “The motor takes care of itself so we can focus on fishing.”

Top image: Minn Kota Ulterra (Credit: Minn Kota)

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