Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch: Daylight viewable widescreens for any species

By on August 19, 2014
Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch

When it comes to marine electronics with intuitive design and flexibility of application, it’s hard to top the Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch. This fishfinder/chartplotter comes in 7-, 9- and 12-inch display sizes to fit any boat, and offers several unique mapping and scanning capabilities.

Lowrance’s proprietary StructureScan HD sonar imaging technology provides users with 180-degree views beneath their boat, useful for spotting fish or submerged structures. StructureScan logs can then be converted into StructureMap underwater charts for later use. But Jeremiah Clark, Lowrance HDS product manager, said that the sonar scanning comes in close second to another feature inherent to the HDS Gen2 Touch’s design.

“The big one is widescreen, high viewability touchscreen displays,” Clark said. “With the market driven toward mobile phones and tablets, people have become used to touch. The fact that we have a touchscreen that’s daylight viewable and waterproof is a nice feature.”

All HDS Gen2 Touch models employ Broadband Sounder technology, allowing users to see up to 3,000 feet beneath the surface with compatible transducers. The series also features a built-in 5Hz GPS antenna for accurate and speedy chart positioning. A multi-view display permits viewing charts, sonar and thermocline imagery side-by-side on one screen. And if screen size is a priority, then anglers should invest in the series’ largest model:

“The 12 is the flagship,” Clark said. “It’s the biggest, baddest guy we have.” Its 1280 x 800 resolution is the highest in the series, allowing for the most efficient multi-view experience.

Users can create their own charts with Insight Genesis and share them online, or draw from a wide array of compatible cartography, including Insight HD, Navionics, C-Map Max-N and more.

While certain anglers have taken a particular liking to the HDS Gen2 Touch, Clark said the series is made to appeal to fishermen and women seeking any quarry.

“Our core markets are the bass fishing market, and the walleye-salmon market,” Clark said. “But we’ve got some diehard catfish guys, some diehard striper guys — it’s just designed for fishing.”

“That’s one thing that makes us a unique brand: All our features are fishing-focused. We’re a fishing-dedicated brand with fishing-focused features.”

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