Asian carp found farther up the Mississippi River

By on July 29, 2014
Bighead carp collected fromt he Illinois River in 2011 (Credit: Jon Amberg/USGS, via Flickr)

Invasive Asian carp have been found farther north than ever before in the Mississippi River, according to Officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources removed some of the fish at a point near Cottage Grove in mid-July.

Two adult carp were netted at the time. One was a bighead carp that weighed nearly 40 pounds. The other was a silver carp that came in at 20 pounds.

Fisheries managers were disappointed with the find, but it was not unexpected. High water conditions in the river persisted in recent weeks, they say, creating ideal conditions for the carp to migrate upstream.

Image: Bighead carp collected fromt he Illinois River in 2011 (Credit:  Jon Amberg/USGS, via Flickr)

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