Zombait Brings Dead Fish ‘Back To Life’

By on December 1, 2015
A dead fish with the Zombait insert. (Courtesy of Zombait)

Many deep-sea fishermen want to go for the monster fish, like swordfish. It’s a lot of work, what with keeping up live fish bait and a live well. But thanks to a new type of bait, they can forego all of that by using dead fish, according to Digital Trends.

The new bait, called the Zombait, is a robotic fish insert meant to bring dead fish “back to life.” It is completely waterproof and water-activated. So to use it, anglers just have to stick it in the mouth of a dead fish with an attached fishing line.

Once in the water, the fish begins to “move” with the help of the Zombait. It is sort of strange and cool at the same time to watch.

For more on the Zombait, check out its project page on Kickstarter.

Top image: A dead fish with the Zombait insert. (Courtesy of Zombait)

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