Z-Man Batwingz Jig Trailer A Durable Soft Plastic

By on March 28, 2016
Z-Man Batwingz Jig Trailer. (Credit: Z-Man)

Soft plastics aren’t known for their durability. That’s why, when you find one that holds up over time, you hold onto it. Take the Z-Man Batwingz Jig Trailer, recently reviewed by the folks at Wired2Fish.

This trailer is very long-lasting, and just one pack can last more than two months. Its construction is durable while also adding to the buoyancy of the bait. The head can hit the bottom while its wings float, mimicking the natural defensive posture of a crawfish.

The bait has a slower fall, and seems to do extremely well in cold water. Its price is pretty good, too, just $3.99 per six-pack.

For more on the Z-Man Batwingz Jig Trailer, check out the review. More information is also available on Tackle Warehouse’s website.

Top image: Batwingz Jig Trailer. (Credit: Z-Man)

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