The WackOjig An Update To Wacky Rig Design

By on March 15, 2016
The WackOjig. (Credit: WackOjig)

The strengths of the wacky rig in catching fish are well known. But if you’re not fishing it with any weight, then it can be somewhat frustrating. Just ask the guy who invented the WackOjig, a weighted ring that makes the wacky rig a little better at sinking.

David Bond, the guy who came up with the WackOjig, was out fishing on Toledo Bend with a friend in 2011. Bond had tried the wacky rig several times on some bedded bass, but the angler couldn’t seem to get the rig to sink, even with metal nails in the bait. And the results of adding a sinker to the rig just made fewer bass take a bite.

So Bond went home and began working on a jig mold that would have a ring attached to it. The idea was pretty simple — a weighted ring would help the worm to sink while an incorporated hook would catch the big bass.

His first couple of molds worked well in tests, netting him some 40 bass in just one evening alone. But the big find was that he was able to catch that many using just three senko worms, which typically take a beating from catching bass and have to be changed out regularly.

Top image: The WackOjig. (Credit: WackOjig)

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  1. Bob Thomas

    March 16, 2016 at 11:21 am

    thanks Daniel for putting this design for all of us to see. around 7 years before I retired; YOUR design is the right design I had in my mind-but I was prevented from showing it to everybody who really lives fishing and appreciates nature. I was threatened by management. THAT is really all I can at this moment.

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