(Video) Fishing Offshore: Largemouth Versus White Bass

By on December 7, 2015

Since largemouth bass and white bass tend to hang out in the same offshore areas, it’s often hard to tell them apart on your Lowrance electronics. But figuring out which fish are which doesn’t have to be that difficult, according to FishSens Pro Brandon Card.

In a new video posted to the FishSens website, Card details some simple ways to pick out the largemouth from the white bass and vice versa.

“Largemouth bass and white bass tend to hang out in the same areas at the same depths because they are feeding on bait fish in those areas,” said Card, in the video. “Typically, largemouth bass will show up as a bright, white dot on your structure scan. They tend to school close to the bottom and they tend to school horizontally.”

On the other hand, Card says that white bass will commonly school a little more vertically. They tend to hang out a little bit higher off of the bottom of the sea bed and show up as smaller, translucent dots on Lowrance structure scans.

But really the only real way to know for sure what’s there is to drop an underwater camera below the wake.

“Get over top of the school and drop your FishSens SondeCAM down and see exactly what you’re looking at on your Lowrance live video display,” said Card.

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