Stay Warm While Winter Fishing

By on January 14, 2016
Many anglers still find places to fish in the winter. (Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)

Fishing in the spring and summer is a breeze. There’s no ice or snow to worry about and a lot of warm, open water to waste away the day on. But things turn around quickly when winter comes.

For the most part, anglers know to stay dry and dress in layers to stay warm. But here are a few other things that might not be so obvious. They all will help to take the edge off a cold day of fishing in the winter:

Store your fishing boat and gear indoors, if possible. This is to cut down on the amount of ice that will form on your gear, which you will have to deal with once you get to your destination because the ice that goes with you stays with you.

Get some waterproof gloves. It is absolutely critical to keep your hands warm. Nothing can kill a happy day of fishing like trying to tie knots with numb hands.

Rod holders can’t be beat. Of course it isn’t as fun or active to fish with a rod holder, but there are some upsides to using one. They make it easier to detect a bite while keeping your hands warm, and they also ensure that your rod doesn’t get frozen to the ice, if you’re ice fishing.

Snatch some hand warmers. The standard shake-up packets are just a few bucks apiece, and it’s money well spent. You can slip them into your gloves and boots or into your pockets.

How do you prefer to stay warm when fishing in the winter? Got a go-to way to warm up? Please consider leaving a comment to share your thoughts!

Top image: Many anglers still find places to fish in the winter. (Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)

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