SondeCAM Video: This picky Lake Erie walleye is maddening

By on March 2, 2015

Watching fish interact with your lure on an underwater camera like the SondeCAM can be a ton of fun, especially from the stable platform of the ice. But it can also put a sharper sting on a heartbreaking refusal when a angler without a camera might have remained blissfully unaware.

That was the case for FishSens Pro Travis Harman, who recorded┬áhis son’s best chance at his first Lake Erie walleye through the ice on camera. After watching this walleye inch closer and closer to the lure for a good 15 seconds, I was surprised to hear myself hollering “Just BITE IT” into my computer screen.

But he didn’t, and every young angler has to learn that tight-lipped fish are part of the deal, and an underwater camera can help show just how picky fish can be.

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