Safety Tips For Ice Fishing

By on January 7, 2016
Ice fishing in Wisconsin. (Credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

There may not be enough ice on the Great Lakes to go for an ice fishing trip these days (thanks to a strong El Niño), but there are some smaller bodies of water around the country that have frozen over. And if you’re one of the many anglers planning to cast a line through one of them, listen up for some tips on staying safe.

A good rule of thumb, first of all, is to stay off ice that is less than 2 inches thick. But if the lake you’re getting ready to fish is more hard-chilled than that, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Always be ready to fall through the ice — this means you should keep your seatbelt off and windows down if you’re driving on it, because you may need to get out of your vehicle quickly. Wearing a life preserver is also a good idea.

Beyond that, avoid any waterway that has currents. Those simply won’t be conducive to strong ice formation, and you should stay away. This tip also applies to areas more near to shore that usually have some of the thinnest ice.

Please remember that you are fishing at your own risk when you attempt to ice fish. Good luck, and stay safe!

Top image: Ice fishing in Wisconsin. (Credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

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