Hartley Looks To Stage Elite Series Comeback

By on January 5, 2016
Charlie Hartley. (Credit: Gary Tramontina / B.A.S.S.)

It’s not a good feeling to get cut from the Bassmaster Elite Series. And perhaps no one knows this better than Charlie Hartley, a fishing pro from Grove City, Ohio. The 51-year-old was cut from the circuit in late 2015 after B.A.S.S. decided to let some of the lowest scorers in the standings go.

For Hartley, it was a more painful loss than he thought it would be, he told BassFan. The fishing veteran calls himself a rare breed because he could easily catch fish all day and then watch fishing shows all night, something that points to just how much he loves the sport.

But despite the setback, Hartley says that he plans to battle his way back to the Elite Series one way or another. And the accomplishment will mean all the more to him because he will have qualified for it, he says.

In 212 B.A.S.S. tournament competitions, Hartley has earned eight Top-10 finishes. When he’s good, his friends say he’s really good. But his record shows that he has sometimes struggled with consistency.

Top image: Charlie Hartley. (Credit: Gary Tramontina / B.A.S.S.)

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