Hallman Wins 2016 FLW On Lake Okeechobee

By on February 8, 2016
Bradley Hallman wins FLW event on Okeechobee. (Credit: FLW)

For Bradley Hallman of Norman, Oklahoma, winning the 2016 FLW (Fishing League Worldwide) tournament on Lake Okeechobee took reeling in some big bass to secure the victory. But as we’ve seen in many a competition, getting some of those big fish takes a little luck.

Hallman credits his win to finding a pristine patch of thick reed heads that held a lot of big females coming into spawn. He was basically able to stick to that one area the whole tournament and just pick off the biggest bass that came up.

But beyond finding that lucky patch of reeds, Hall says that another key was pinpointing the clearest water he could find. Sediment that got whipped up thanks to wind would fog up his target spot. Luckily for him, he was able to stay ahead of the shifting water clarity and continue reeling in bass.

Hallman’s tackle of choice during the competition was a Backwater Blue-colored Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver. He also employed a number of colors, including Penetration and Hematoma, which he used with a black-and-blue punch skirt. For technique, Hallman says that he mostly popped the bait up and down, controlling the action’s speed as he went.

Top image: Bradley Hallman wins FLW event on Okeechobee. (Credit: FLW)

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