Climate Change Altering Distributions Of Fish Globally

By on February 26, 2016

The effects of climate change are changing the distributions of fish stocks around the world, according to research led by Rutgers University.

Scientists at the university, working alongside others from Princeton, Yale and Arizona State Universities, have found that fish stocks are moving more toward the Earth’s poles thanks to changes in the climate. These shifts are creating a situation where more wealthy nations, equipped with the infrastructure and technology to better manage the fisheries, can take advantage of them.

But as the wealthy countries benefit, scientists involved with the investigation say that the poorer ones around the globe are losing out. Changes in the distributions of fish stocks worldwide are very likely to exacerbate economic inequality, researchers say.

It is not only fish that are moving, though. The scientists also found that plants, trees and other species important to humans are shifting toward the poles as well.

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